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Classical Style Hunting Suit
Unique style handmade ring, made of walnut wood
High quality Espadrilles shoes
Buy Geogian, Be Distinguished

Made in Georgia

The main priority of the company is the production of local products and the promotion of its development.

Handmade Products

The company offers customers many types of handmade products and allows them to discover different types of Georgian creative products.

Best Quality

The clear vision of the company is to constantly take care of quality improvement and to always provide customers with the best quality products.
The company will spend 1 GEL from each product sold in the form of charity donation for charitable activities, in order to promote and develop the hunting sector in Georgia.
Who We Are

The company "HUNTERS ARE US" produces high quality products exclusively made in Georgia.

Working with us allows everyone to use the talents of the field in which they are passionate and use their opportunities to develop this field.

Also, we organize adventure tours and hunting culinary activities.

For each product sold, the company will spend 1 GEL on charitibale activities to support the development of hunting in Georgia.

The company regularly participates in international events and exhibitions.

Individual Orders

According to the wishes of our customers, the company pepares exclusive designs.
(Dimensions, printing, engraving)
Delivery Services

Delivery services are provided for the purchased products throughout Georgia.
For the overseas orders, specific trasport fees apply.
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